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Neh then, Eaw'tdigglin?

If you would like more information about Fabric you can contact us at:

111 Piccadilly
M1 2HY

Telephone: 0161 348 7348

Email: iwiganese@fabric.co.uk

The clips available online are free to use for broadcast purposes provided you credit iWiganese.com and Fabric. Please see the audio clips for further details.

Other Media
If you would like photographs for your publication please feel free to download the following files.
Please make sure any publication is credited to Fabric Digital Limited.

Ian Schofield Ann Ashcroft and Ajay Kapadia

Ann Ashcroft and Ian Schofield with iPhone

Ann Ashcroft and Ian Schofield with iPad

Ann Ashcroft Ajay Kapadia and Ian Scofield

iPhone Screenshot - Main Menu

iPhone Screenshot - Category

iPhone Screenshot - Phrases

iPhone Screenshot - Phrase

Press Release

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