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Cooertin (Relationships)
Would you give me a kiss? Geeuzakisswillta?
Are you in a relationship? Artcooertin?
She's done well Gudlad'er
Will you be entertaining a partner tonight? Arttreydin'neet?
Are you cold because I can always turn up the electirc fire? Artkouwdcuzaconolluspurranuthurbarontfeyerthanuz?
She's a nice looking girl, isn't she? Biyeckurzabonniyunintur?
Put a hat on if you're going out because it's cold out there Purranatonifthargoowinartcuzitscouyd
I must go home Amoffwom
My head is in a muddle Miyedsawmuggl'tup
Close the door Putwoodin'th'ole
She's not very attractive Herfa'yersabulldogchewinawa'sp
I'm extremely exhausted Ampowfaggedunjigger't
Could you please make yourself useful? Batthisellabeawtabit?
You're quite forward aren't you? Thasnotbackertsatcom'infawertsasithi?
We are not speaking Wifawdeawt
She's quite ugly Er'sgettenafacelikeabag'ospanners
Excuse me madam, your underskirt is showing below your dress Heyluvthaslatin
She is a woman of loose morals Ersarumun
I'll see you tomorrow night I'llsithismornneet
You're not going are you? Thanotgoo'inAr'tuh
You weren't with them were you? Thawer'ntwium,Wuz'tuh
You can do it, can't you? Thacondoit,Con'tuh
Catch hold of that will you? Cotchowderthat,Wil'tuh
You don't like it, do you? Thadoesn'tlikeit,Duz'tuh?
You haven't done it again, have you? Tha'snotdoneitagen,As'tuh?
That lady's eyes meet in the middle Herskenslikeabasketofwhelks
You're a naughty boy Tha'sanowtylad
Stop stealing the duvet! Geeussomeblankit
Will you please be quiet Idon'twantthimek'inapeep
It felt nice Itfeltreightgood
She was gleaming in the light Shewuzglean'inin'tleet
She was the nicest thing I'd seen Shewuznicestthingaah'dseen
My wife has no sympathy for me Un'twife,her'sgeetnosympathy
He knows nothing about it Eenosenowtabartit
He is very rich Eesbowleggedwibrassthatmon
He's developed the habit of calling for me He'sgett'nagatecaw'informi
We've got to get to sleep Wivgettengutspleep
He's not highly attractive Eezefow
She's a silly woman Er'sabint
He's not a worthy man Eesa'toerag
She'll be good for me Er'ddousareightworldergood
I'll see you later I'llseeyosomemoo'er
I'm tired Amjiggered
Would you like to take my handkerchief? Av'misnotrag
Are you alright? Artawreet?