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Skraakin (Insults and Arguments)
He has a lumpy cranium Izyedzawshapes
My what large teeth. Artbreighkinuminferan'orse
Now then, what are you doing? Narthenwoartdoin?
He will not WillyEckerslike
Can you hear me? Cont'earmi?
Oh dear, I'm under pressure! Bythekrystammaolteer!
If you don't stop crying, you will get another smack in a minute Ifthadunntztopskrykinthallgerranuthurcrakinaminit!
You need a haircut, I am ashamed to be seen with you Thawanntunayrkutamfershemtbisinwithi!
You're not very bright, intellectually Thapuggl'tthee
Can you get out of my way please? Stopthimeggl'inundgetowtmiroad
Your have been tinkering with that for a week, have you fixed it yet? Thasbinmaulinwithatfurawik.As'tfeckl'tityet?
Will you settle down? Nehsithi,Seckledeawnthee?
Do you have any idea who you are talking to? Doesthaaknowwhothatalkinto?
Who do you think you are? Whodustthinkthaare?
Who do you think I am? WhodustthinkIam
Have you seen the back of your ears? As'tseenbackofthiears?
I'm going to fall out with you boy Ah'mbown'tfawowtwi'thee,lad
People will not work without being paid Pigswain'tfollowanemptybucket
You're standing around not doing anything ThaStondintheerlikeatinoburtonsdummy
I'm going to punch you in the face As'tknockthatsmileonttuthersideerthiface
She's rather thin There'smoo'ermeytonabutchersbrat
She can talk until the cows come home Herconfradgetillceawscomewom
You're not very bright Thasbackertsthee
You're taking too much time Tharrars'inabeawtlikeamonbeawtlegs
The baby is crying Yonbabbiesskraakinit'syedoff
Why are you crying? Wotyelpinat?
I will give you a beating As'tmollycrushthi
He's very lazy Ther'smoorlifeinatrampsvest
He isn't very bright Eesasthickasaught
His singing couldn't be any more out of tune Eeseawndslikesomebodypissinon'otshovelvoice
How does he know? Ow-zee-no?
Can't you see that I'm rather busy at the moment? Contnotsyambizzyfurtminit!
Please refrain from staring Stopthasgawping
I would request that you cease being nosy Stopthasmoochin
Which one of you has broken wind? Who'sletpollyeawterprison?
If you fall off your bicycle, don't come running to me Ifthafawsoffyapushir'n,don'tcomearunnintuh'me
Make sure you clean inside of the oven Meksuretha'cle'unsinsideer'tthov'en
Make sure you do all of the laundry, there is a lot to do There'sagreytpileerwaash'inwaantsdo'in
Get up lazy bones Gerroffthi'arse
Now, calm down lads Neawcalmdeawnlads
She can't get a job hercorn'tgerrajob
That isn't fair Tharrintfur
Hurry up! Bidooin!
I've told him Attowdim
I've been looking for you for an hour Avbinlook'inforanhar
What is going on? Wotsgoo'inon?
He laughed at me Eelaffedatmi
Get them on our side Gerrumonside
What are you doing? Wotthidooin?
He has injured his hand Eezertizzond