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Ert'n'abert (Out and About)
Does it belong to her or does it belong to him? Izziterzerizziteez?
It is all right for you Sawreetferthee?
Have you brought it with you? Astbrowtitwithi?
Well done, sir Gulladowdlad!
We have got to go to sleep Wivgettengutspleep
We must go now, our bus is due Weeaffertguffertbuzz
Have the refuse collectors called yet? Astbinmenbin?
You have to laugh, don't you? Eeeyafflaff?
Is my hat straight? Izmiatonreet?
Is he working the night shift? Izeeonneeturn?
He is going home Eezgoowinwom
That isn't it Tharintit
Do any of you have any on you? Avennyofyerennyonyer?
He was hit by a vehicle Eegettenrunnoar
As my grandma used to say Asmigrammeryewstfertsay
You mustn't get on the bus without paying, you must get a ticket and sit down Thamorntgerrontbuzzbartpayin,thamongerratikitansitthidarn
Can't you see, I am rather busy at the moment? Contnotsyambizzyfurtminit?
I might have to claim benefit as I have a bad back Ambarntgoowonclubwimibak!
I'll see you later, bye for now Alsithyafturttararfunar
Excellent ChonkyFettlin
Bicycle PushIron
You've been doing that jigsaw puzzle all night Uwereagatethajigsawpuzzlealneet
You need Thawants
Would you like? Duswant?
Egg distributor Theggmon
I have none Ivgeetennoan
Exceedingly happy ChuffedBits
Where have you been? Weersbin?
House Airse
She's accused of false accounting Hersfigglin'tbooks
How are you? Eaw'tdiggl'in?
It's about to rain over there It'saluvlyshadeo'blacko'ert'mother-in-laws
Are you well? Ar'tor'reet?
I am going to buy a new model Ambeaw'tbeyanewmoggle
Count your blessings Ceawn'tthiblessins
I'm going to wash my hair Amwaash'inmihair
Are you going to the swimming pool? Ar'tgoo'intbaths
Can you kick a ball against a wall, head it with your head and burst it? Contporrabaaginawa,yeditwiththeeyedandbrastit?
Just a moment Owdonabit
It is not very warm Intitcowd
I got thrown out once for urinating in the swimming pool Iwonc'tgeetclodeawtforpee'inin'tpool
My jacket has been to the cleaners and it doesn't have the same quality as before Mijacketsbin'ter'tcleanersunthivtack'nawtbanteawtofit
I think I've caught a cold Aahthinkaah'mcotch'influ
I've arranged employment for myself Aah'vgeetmiselajob
I'm going to buy an automobile Aah'mgoo'intavacar
It is likely to rain all week It'lprob'lyrainawwik
He was arrested Hewuztak'npris'ner
Mother, I am going to go to the toilet Mam,aahmgoo'inforracack
Are you going down to the pier? Ar'tgoo'intdarn'tPier?
There is no doubt There'snodeawt