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Jackbit'n'sip (Food and Drink)
I was rather hungry Ahwurfairclemm't
I have had a sandwich for my tea Avaddabuttifermitay
Landlord, please replenish our glasses Gerreminagen!
He has spent all of of his money on beer Ee'speedawismunnyupwaw
Has he eaten everything? Azzyettenworrizgetten?
Is your glass empty? Artsuppinbowt?
Would you bring me a chair? Fotchmiacheerwilta?
Have you had your dinner or do you want some? Astadthitayerdustwantsum?
What do you want for dinner, before the fish and chip shop closes? Wotswantfurtteeyafowertchippijuts?
The beer is not very good in this establishment, however it comes at a low cost Thaleskrappinereburritscheyp!
That chap would eat anything Idwerryanesturatsthatmon!
How many of you are there? Amoniontheinthe?
I keep going dizzy Akepgooinmazi
I have been here all day Asbinereawday
What are we going to do now? Woweegoowintdoonare?
I'm rather hungry Ahcudeytabutteredfrog
I'm rather hungry, where is my food? Ah'mfurclemt!Weersmijackbit?
I was supposed to be going to the shops but I forgot Ahwurrcawdgoin't'shopsburraforgeet
Keep away from the edge of the canal before you fall in Don'tstandon'thedgeo't'cut,mon,th'ateedfawin
Now old man, sit yourself down Neawowdfeller..sitthideawn
Would you care for a cup of tea? Swantabrew?
I can't stay awake Icorn'tkeepmieesopp'n
You have spilled it Tha'skeck'tito'er
Would you eat it please? Gerittett'n
I'm afraid she's been sick Herfotch'titawback
That's not very expensive Cheypatprice
He has a good appetite Eeconeytapratemoorthanapig
He is constipated and needs a laxative Eewantsaroadthrough'um
He can drink a lot Eesgettenathroatlikeasough
I'm very hungry Miballythinksmithroatscut
Steak pudding and chips Babby'syedunchips
He has eaten the middle out and left all of the outsides He'sett'nmiggleeawtunleftor'ttheawthsides
For desert, we'll be having jelly served with custard Foraftaswe'llavjellyncuster't
I'll have another drink Aah'lavanotherbevve
I'm going to have a whisky Aah'mgoo'intavawhiskey
I'll have a steak pudding Aah'mgoo'intavabab'iesed
What do you want to drink? Wahdswanttosip
You have spilled your drink Tha'ssiphasbinkeck'tito'er
You'll need to wear an apron Thallneed'twearabrat
I'll have chips and mushy peas and scratchings. I'll be buttering the bread Chipsunpeywetalavunaskfersumskratchinsalbeebutrintbred
Drink it all Supitup
I've got a headache Atyedwarch
I've got to have the steak pudding and potatoes Avgotfotavbabbiesyedandprater
Where is the lavatory? Whursclosit?
Keep your turn in the queue Keepthicalein'tqueue
Don't let them push in front of you Don'tlerrumcalethi
I don't eat meat. Amavegi
It favours well in here Itfevversweelineer